Most of our shoots take place in Los Angeles and NYC. We love shooting at the beach, in your home, parks and museums but we service the planet! Locations outside of our normal Metro Area may incur an additional charge.





Owner / Photographer - 15 years experience  

Just like our pricing, it's simple:  ONE PHOTOGRAPHER. (and some awesome editors). Every image you see is shot by me. That's right, my airline miles are pretty abundant since I travel bi-coastally for my shoots. 

If I'm not photographing for Monkeys and Peas, you will find me photographing fashion in NYC, creating art, traveling or surfing!   

The reason why I keep things simple is because this is my passion.  Photography is an art for me and I created my flat rates since day one of starting Monkeys and Peas - not for the money but to share the gift I have of photographing children without feeling the pressures of selling.  The only thing I will sell you is my photography.    

I like to have fun in my shoots and create memories for "my families" as I see them grow over the years.  

Over a decade, I know this for sure.  I was meant to be a photographer and document LOVE:  maternity, baby and family which has been beautiful.  

Thank you to all my clients and hopefully future clients!





310-980-0779 (LA)

347-331-5080 (NYC)